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News Update From Brunei

By: Admin | Posted on: 2017-02-16 | Kunjungan : 699


The Director of Pusat Studi Al-Qur’an (PSQ) Unipdu, Dra. Hj. Umy Hasunah, M.Thi, visited institut tahfiz al quran sultan haji hassanal bolkiah at Brunei Darussalam on Tuesday (7/2). She saw for herself thousands of Hafidz and hafidzah students. She was accompanied by the head of Unipdu ASC event & program, Ahmad Haibat Kannaby, S.IP.

Afterwards, a discussion was held with institut tahfiz al quran sultan haji hassanal bolkiah leader, Pengiran. Haji Haslin Bin Pengiran.Haji.Ali. According to Pengiran Haslin, this should be taken into consideration as it is possible that both of university and institute should create some kind of program for students exchange, between Unipdu and institut tahfiz al quran sultan haji hassanal bolkiah.

Ahmad Haibat Kannaby explained that there is a scholarship for tahfifz students in Unipdu and hope both of institution can create bond to achieve best educational regarding tahfidz program. “We hope that cooperation between Unipdu and ITQSHHB can produce more tahfiz students in Indonesia and Brunei” he said.

Pengiran Haslin would like to invite rector of Unipdu to create this system,” The commitment to quran tahfiz is the difference; it’s the reason why I’m here, and I hope I can meet rector of unipdu very soon to create our program together” he concluded. (PSA)